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Fake - Van Cleef & Arpels

I have a bit of experience with Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection. I have also seen my share of "Fakes" which I am usually able to identify such very quickly. Until recently. I was passing out my business cards in the Jewelry district Downtown Los Angeles when I came across one of the small kiosks which are in the hundreds in this district and met a gentleman with a few pre-owned VCA  Alhambra bracelets. One had diamonds, another was the Vintage Guilloche type while the third he identified as fake. As soon as I held the 2 authentic bracelets, I was very confident because I could tell right away that they were 18k gold because of the weight. I then examined the clasp and saw the VCA logo "very tiny" and each with an even tinier serial number next to that logo. With this, I felt confident enough to purchase them both, and at a really good price, low enough that I could make a descent profit. I also purchased a 10 diamond Cartier Love bracelet from this jeweler but I will save that for another story. 

When I got home later that day, I started to do my research so I could price them according to the current fair market value. As I took a closer look at the diamond bracelet, I was surprised to see that the clover next to the clasp did not have the marking that it should. It should have been marked VCA 750 on one side and the serial number on the opisite side and that clover was the same as the others when the front and oposite sides should have been flat for those marks. At this point I am telling myself that this is impossible, could VCA have made a mistake because this bracelet just lloks too good to be fake, and I tested the diamonds too which were very high grade

Los Angeles