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Melrose Treasures Estate Liquidation is a company with 30 plus years of experience in the area of Antiques and Collectibles. We offer an opportunity for the family to sell contents from the estate when the family is not interested in holding an actual estate sale themselves. We have a vast knowledge in antiques, collectibles, jewelry & watches, art, and household items. We incorporate fair market values to price items, so you always get a fair price with us. One convenient option we offer is a total clean-out of the property. What is an estate sale? It is the liquidation of a property and everything that it contains and is usually ordered by a probate court. The most common reasons for an estate sale are: The homeowner passed away without an heir, and the court has ordered the liquidation and division of assets among beneficiaries The heirs of an estate cannot decide what to do with it and the court orders liquidation and division of assets The heirs of an estate are not interested in keeping it The deceased stipulated in their will that an estate sale take place  



  Melrose Treasures Estate Sales

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Sales proceeds are paid at the end of each sale day unless client wishes otherwise.  


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